Institute of Acupuncture Colombo

About the institute

The institute is dedicated to training students with various backgrounds in health in acupuncture. It was established in 1982 by Dr. J. M. K. Bandara Jayaweera. It was one of the few centers which provided training for international students.

Dr. Jayaweera has 40 years experience in teaching acupuncture in Sri Lanka and India. He has also been invited to train students in many European countries including Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, and Czech Republic.

Dr. Bandara Jayaweera has a background in Allopathic medicine, and obtained his medical degree from the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. He postgraduate training include an MD, PhD (Medicina Alternativa), and P.G. Diploma in Psychology.

He is a Fellow of Acupuncture foundation of Sri Lanka, Fellow of Acupuncture foundation of India, Member of Acupuncture society (Sweden), Member of Acupuncture Association (Germany), and Member of Orthopedic & Rheumatology Society.

He was also awarded the prestigious Sri Lankan title of ‘Vaidya Shiromani Deshabandhu Lanka Putra’

Acupuncture training at the Institute

We currently provide the following courses:

  1. Basic acupuncture course
  2. Advanced acupuncture course – Traditional Disgnosis and Treatment
  3. Auriculothrapy (Ear acupuncture)
  4. Scalp Acupuncture (Head Needle Therapy)
  5. Medical clerkships can be arranged for medical students

Contact us

  • info@instac.lkEmail us for detailed information on the course and etc.
  • +94763876026
  • 4A Malwatta Road, Kohuwala, Sri Lanka